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Alouettes 2021 season is over

Alouettes 2021 season is over

Hamilton – The Montreal Aloets were full of goodwill when they appeared at Tim Hortons in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. However, they couldn’t walk the talk.

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Despite a respectable start, they suffered a 23-12 loss to the Hamilton Tiger Cats on Sunday afternoon in front of a crowd of 21,892 spectators.

We can sum up this setback in one word: transformations. Montreal fell victim three times in seven minutes in the second quarter and that changed the pace of the game.

This gave 13 points on a silver platter to the locals who had not produced anything since the beginning of the meeting. The most painful transformation is the first.

Tiger-Cats forced a confusion over Trevor Harris’ account that Julian Howsare returned to the area grid. Moments later, quarterback Jeremiah Masoli joined Brandon Banks in the end zone. The fast receiver once again caused a headache to the Montreal defense.

From that point onwards, the alute fell to one knee. They tried to get up in the second half, but it was too late.

However, it is well started for visitors. The first offensive line was impressive, but it ended with a goal by David Cottier.

If there’s one bright spot, it’s the performance of quarterback Trevor Harris. He completed 28 of his 44 passes for a gain of 364 yards with touchdowns and interceptions.

The 35-year-old veteran tried to recreate his magic in the playoffs, but to no avail. He has been solid in delivering the ball to seven different receivers. Despite everything, he failed to create opportunities in the paid area.

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On the other hand, his offensive streak who faced a tough match when he was the victim of six sacks did not help him. A day when Harris definitely needed a few bags of ice when he left the field.

On the defensive end, Aloette wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t a deciding factor in the outcome of the match. The defensive line was unable to threaten Jeremiah Masoli from behind the line of melee.

The Alouettes’ loss to the Tiger-Cats was the picture of the 2021 season. Turns in key moments, poor penalty kicks and regular performances from the special teams.

On Sunday, at Tim Hortons, Harry Jones’ men saw their ups and downs again during 60 minutes of play. In the playoffs, it’s not enough to move on to the next round.

The Alouettes coach appeared with red eyes. We feel he experienced a lot of emotions in the locker room with his players after the meeting.

“It’s very disappointing to end our season in this way,” said Harry Jones during his press conference. We moved the ball well at the start of the game. We did some good things in attack and defence.

“When we were in a position to rank up and there was a turnaround in the second quarter, I changed the pace of the game. It’s a bit like our season.”

During the early weeks of the season, Aloitte was grappling with a problem of indiscipline. This bad habit has re-emerged against the Tiger-Cats.

They received 14 penalties for a total of 115 yards. It’s a lot to have a chance to win.

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“The sanctions were a big deal,” Jones said. We got caught up in useless games. I find it difficult because I am a disciplined person in life.

“Time and time again during the season the players lost their nerve. That is one of the things that made us hold back. This is one of the aspects that needs to be corrected.”

The defensive front of the Tiger-Cats succeeded in neutralizing William Stanback’s return as he wanted. No. 31 Alouettes had a quiet game with a meager 29-yard harvest. Then, by air, he again slipped away from a pass he had to catch.

“They (tiger cats) have a very physical defensive front,” Jones explained. We knew it was going to be a tough battle. The Tiger-Cats defense also did some good things in the second moments and when we were in the thrust zone.”