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Matthias Brunet thinks we should adjust our expectations of Kaiden Guhle

All the young people who deserve it can have their place

The Canadian has several young defenders who will need to play with the pros next year. Among a lot of things, Alexander Romanov is sure to take his place, it is he who is doing very well these days.

But other than that, you know as well as me that Jordan Harris, Justin Barron, and Kayden Gaul would also want to have their place in the sun. Guys wouldn’t necessarily want to go to Laval if they were willing to play there.

But the Canadian (if he replaces Jeff Petrie) will still have Romanov, Joel Edmondson and David Savard who will still have three spots. How much does CH want to make room for young people? What insurance will he get if the kids play poorly? What do you do with Corey Schuenemann or Kali Clagg?

These are questions we often ask ourselves and will continue to ask ourselves through the fall.

in this subject, Matthias Brunet sheds light on the important By saying the Canadian could, under the right circumstances, make room for four guys in his defensive brigade next year.

Please note: This is a possibility, not a guarantee. That will depend on what GM Kent Hughes looks like in the summer.

Note that Matthias Brunet in his title talks about four young defensive players. That should include Alexander Romanov, who will turn 23 mid-season.

It looks like the Canadian is ready to make room for the youngsters for next season. Does this mean that the goal will not be to win at any cost? Could this affect Martin St. Louis’s decision on his contract?

However, I wonder if this is realistic. After all, CH is currently not going anywhere and Jordan Harris and Justin Barron are not playing consistently for a number of reasons (which obviously includes injury).

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But one reason is depth. And if CH goes there with the guys next year, there will be depth. And even if the little ones are at the bottom, there will be depth, truth be told.

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A wonderful step in the right direction for my former high school, Collège Bourget.

– very good work.

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