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All-Star Game: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Makes History

All-Star Game: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Makes History

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. once again showed just how talented he can be on Tuesday in Denver in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, as he was named MLS Player of the Year with a 5-2 win over the National.

Along with his dad Vladimir, the Toronto Blue Jays also make up the third father and son to shoot long balls in the All-Star Game after Bonds and Griffey.

“It means everything to me,” he said on the field after the match, through his interpreter. I just want to thank my dad. I want to thank him dad, this is for you.”

The First Main Man is the youngest winner – at 22 years and 119 days old – and the first Jays actor to win the Game’s Most Valuable Player award.

All in power

The son of the former Montreal Show star showed his punches quickly, as the Homerone solo slammed 468 feet (142.6 meters) in the third inning. With this homerun, number 200 in All-Star Game history, he became the second youngest player to send the ball out of bounds during this classic game.

Guerrero Jr. On a second round 5th run at bat as Jays teammate Teoscar Hernandez pushed toward the board with second base grounding. Previously, Toronto’s other roster, Marcus Simin, allowed Aaron Judge to open the scoring in second place on his own.

Mike Zunino also had great success with the American, as did JT Rilmoto in the other clan.

victorious ohtani

One of the main points of interest in this game was Shohei Ohtani, and the Los Angeles Angels member did not disappoint, at least not on the hill.

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The Japanese shooter, the base in Major League Baseball with 33 long balls, had a perfect start for the American, allowing her teammates to beat Fernando Tates Jr., Max Muncie and Nolan Arenado respectively. Thus, he deserved victory.

Ohtani, who was used by Kevin Cash as the starting hitter, was disqualified in two appearances in the batting box, is the one who was used as the designated hitter. He was then replaced by alternate hitter JD Martinez.

After receiving two points, Corbin Burns suffered a defeat.