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All decisions are in French and Quebec in WSP

All decisions are in French and Quebec in WSP

Even if its playing field is the world, Quebec engineering giant WSP Global, formerly known as Génivar, assures Quebec’s continued decision-making, a situation that will not change, despite the company’s rapid growth.

“Everything is done in Montreal. In our main office, everything is in French. You will come and sit in our conference room, and we always speak French,” confirmed the company’s president, Alexandre Louroux, on the sidelines of a conference at the Canadian Circuit.

Unlike other Quebec companies that have seen their decision-making center move abroad, the director reminds us that senior management remains primarily in Montreal.


“It’s fundamental, I’m proud of that, we’re proud of that as an organization. I can’t speak for others, I’m not boardrooms and boardrooms, but it’s important to us,” launched the WSP senior president.

The Quebec and Canadian markets remain pivotal to the company, which has worked on several projects in recent years, such as repairing the Turcote Junction.

Furthermore, WSP confirms that it will be up and running for future projects such as REM de l’Est, which is back on the drawing board.

“The request for bids has not yet been submitted, and there is nothing to be submitted to us at this time. If there is a call for bids and the work is done well, we would certainly be interested in bidding.

Soon it will double its size

WSP was in operation for the first REM, but was not selected. The leader does not want to comment on the postponement of various public transportation projects in Quebec.

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I have no say what a politician should or should not do. All I can say is that I look at how quickly Phase 1 of REM has developed, it has been a huge success so far,” he said.

The WSP wants to double in size over the next few years and depends a lot on infrastructure projects in OECD countries, in particular on Biden’s plan starting in 2023, as well as on the energy transition.

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