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Reusable cups are allowed again at Tim Hortons

Reusable cups are allowed again at Tim Hortons

Starting Wednesday, Tim Hortons customers will once again be able to bring their reusable cup to the restaurant and drive-thru.

The chain had withdrawn that measure two years ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plus, customers will get 10 cents off their drink if they bring their glass, and, for the first time, they’ll be able to serve a cold drink.

The restaurant chain aims to reduce the number of single-use cups used and hopes to break the record of serving nearly 15 million hot drinks in reusable cups in 2019.

“We were looking forward to accepting reusable cups in our restaurants again, and worked hard with Tim Hortons owners to make sure the procedure is safe,” Paul Yang, director of innovation and sustainability at Tim Hortons, said Monday.

“Now, since we can also serve cold drinks in the reusable cup to guests, we have an opportunity to reduce our use of single-use cups,” Yang added.

Additionally, future Tim Hortons guests will be able to pre-order using the mobile app and notify the restaurant that they will bring their own reusable mug, which should have a secure lid when used in the car.

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