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Air Algerie invites the startup Goubba to reward its employees

Air Algerie invites the startup Goubba to reward its employees

Wrapped gifts and small envelopes given to employees may soon be a thing of the past. To encourage their employees, Algerian companies are following suitAir Algerie You now have the option to choose digital rewards. The solution is offered by an innovative Algerian start-up company, which is increasingly gaining confidence in the economic field.

The concept of digital rewards refers to providing employees with smart cards that allow them to access certain services. Goubba, founded in 2021 by Algerian businessman Yacine Benmesbah, is developing the concept well in Algeria.

The idea is simple but innovative. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies, the startup offers companies the opportunity to replace traditional rewards (material gifts, occasional rewards, etc.) with access to corporate or external company services, via smart cards. This concept is intended for all companies, especially large ones, which can therefore adapt their rewards to the needs of different categories of their employees.

Air Algerie wants to offer “digital rewards” to its employees

Quba has just added to its client list a large public company, Air Algerie, and its 8,000 employees, the site reported on Sunday. Destinations Med.

According to the same source, the Algerian startup expressed on social media its pride in including the Algerian airline among its clients and contributing to upgrading the work of its employees.

The two companies began their cooperation on the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. The female employees of Air Algerie received these unusual gifts designed by Juba. This offers its customers FitPass, restaurant tickets, and Cado cards.

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The first service provides access to 120 sports halls throughout Algeria, while the second service provides greater flexibility in 500 restaurants and supermarkets, as well as throughout the national territory. With Carte-Cado, employees receive personalized gifts from a variety of top brands.