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After the injury, Anne Elizabeth Bose had to miss the filming of Indéfendable

After the injury, Anne Elizabeth Bose had to miss the filming of Indéfendable

Anne Elizabeth Boss’ career has seen a steady rise in recent years, especially since she gave an impressive performance in plan B and comedy Simmons And the In all cases. The actress is now working at a paceUndefensibleTVA’s first daily series, where she plays attorney Marie-Anne Desjardins.

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Recently, Anne Elizabeth was injured. Unable to act, the production team quickly replied: “I would love to play Mary Ann, but knowing absolutely nothing about the legal world, I had never entered a courtroom. I have a girlfriend who works in a law firm, and in order to prepare me well, she introduced me to a criminal attorney. I have a lot of respect for this profession and I asked him a lot of questions We have a good lead in photography It’s a lot of work and the body is starting to talk to us a bit so I hurt my back 2 weeks ago A very flat injury I got at home it didn’t even happen at work Because I I couldn’t stay on set for two days, it was really hard for the team to juggle everyone’s schedule and move my scenes together, but they managed. Let’s say I felt bad. In mid-November we’re going to finish filming our first year, so I’ll rest a little.” because of photographyUndefensibleAnne Elizabeth Boss had to interrupt her solo performance jealouswhich will eventually resume.

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