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Who won season 12?

Who won season 12?

Who is the big winner in the Best Pastry Chef Season 12 competition? Discover his identity and a summary of the evening.

For the Grand Final, Cyril Lignac has prepared a unique challenge for the candidates: Prepare a Christmas log at least one meter long. For this occasion, the already eliminated amateur pastry chefs came to visit the three finalists to help them (or disrupt them) but also to taste their creations alongside Cyril and Mircot. The three candidates gave very beautiful presentations: Fanny made apricot logs and nougat, Julia a chestnut and citrus mousse, while Thibaut suggested two flavours, a summer one with peaches and verbena, and a winter one with apples and kiwi. The jury was unable to choose between the two nominees and did not award first prize.

For the second round, the three finalists had to do so Create a 100% edible Christmas village. With the help of a previous candidate. Fanny, supported by Ninon for an hour, presented an enchanted forest containing a licorice stem that Cyril Lignac particularly appreciated. Tebbutt, with Emily’s help, suggested Christmas by the fire. Cyril and Mircot fell in love with one creation, a little dulce chocolate and citrus mane. Finally, Julia represented Christmas skating and wowed the judges with her blackcurrant, chestnut, mango and kumquat flavours. It’s finally here Julia, who won Season 12 for Best Pastry Chef Thanks to his exceptional creativity!

Who won Best Pastry Chef Season 12?

Julia is the grand winner of Best Pastry Chef of Season 12. She impressed the judges throughout the competition with her delicious and delicate creations, but also with her exceptional displays, as during the final test with her 100% edible Christmas village.

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Who are the nominees for the Best Pastry Chef Award 2023?

this year, 16 amateur pastry chefs They are at the starting line. Lilo, Khairuddin, Richard, Ninon, Grandson… (re)Discover the profiles of the nominees for Season 12 of Best Pastry Chef:

Who are the jury members for the best pastry chef?

As usual, Cyril and Mercut The judging panel for this season will be 12 of the best pastry chefs. And of course they will be supported by many famous pastry chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak and Jade Genin.

Who are the winners of the Best Pastry Chef Award?

For 11 years, as you can imagine, a large number of nominees have won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the more nostalgic among you, we’ve put them together List of winners For the best pastry chef since the first season.

Where can I find Best Pastry Chef Remodeling?

M6 channel and its service 6play It allows you to watch the missed episode even weeks after it aired. This will give you time to take notes and become a baking expert yourself.