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Meghan deliberately camouflaged a candle on TV?

Meghan deliberately camouflaged a candle on TV?

Could Meghan have been deliberately placed so hard to see her during Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday?

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Her seat was hiding her behind a candle, a situation that became a real spark for conspiracy theories among netizens, and some believed it was intentional.

She is almost completely hidden by the candle in the BBC photo, and is already blurred by her wide-brimmed hat.

Screenshot, Reuters

The poorly framed shot quickly went viral on social media.

Some observers have suggested that Prince Harry and his wife sitting in the second row were to humiliate them, due to their retirement from the royal family.

Harry was also denied the right to wear his military uniform at the funeral, the MailOnline reported.

Prince Harry’s brother, future King William, sat in the front row with his wife Kate, and their two oldest children, George and Charlotte. The church corridor that separates the two brothers.

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