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Marsillac Fallon.  Espace employer has become a major tool for the local economy

Marsillac Fallon. Espace employer has become a major tool for the local economy

The Conques-Marcillac work area held its annual general meeting at the Maison duuteroire de Marcillac. Co-chairs François Besis and Cathy Gillet presented the work of the association for the year 2022. 374 people presented themselves to the structure to search for a job, including job seekers, employees, self-employed, students and retirees as well. Almost 110 local employers submitted offers in all sectors. The recruitment activity with Adel was very significant as 13,478 hours were provided locally to the association’s employees.

If we add to these hours the working hours of the temporary staffing company Adel Intrim, which were 5273 hours, we can talk about, in total, the creation of 11 full-time jobs on the territory of the community. “Today, when the unemployment rate is low, there are many vacancies to be filled and the Espace emploi diversifies its communication tools to make them known to as many people as possible, works closely with the Espaces emploi network and also participates in new posts. Thus, thanks to the partnership with Adel, an electric bicycle will soon be offered to non-mobile employees. In addition, training will soon be set up in Marcilac to start jobs in self-driving professions where there is an acute shortage. During the orientation report, the following observation was made: “Certainly the low unemployment rate puts employers in difficulty in hiring them, but there is also a need to communicate well and be attractive in offering jobs, because the relationship to work is changing and we have to adapt. Being present to ensure this role of socio-economic mediation with local actors” . Sylvain Couvignal, chancellor of the department, and Jean-Marie Lacombe, president of the Society of Communes, praised the work of the association, but also “A synergy of services that develops naturally within the House of Troyer”.

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The Conques-Marcillac workspace, located on the first floor of the Maison du triboire, moves every Thursday morning to the Saint-Cyprien town hall. Information on +33 5 65 42 68 94.