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Advertisement on Wednesday or Friday according to Marc-Andre Perrault

Advertisement on Wednesday or Friday according to Marc-Andre Perrault


No, I’m not talking to you about COVID-19 and its takeover of Quebec society (although I hope that ends too).

Rather, it is a question of the process used to determine who will be the new General Manager for Canadians here.

We’ve learned in the past few days that there are only three candidates left in the race: Kent Hughes (if the job interests him), Matthew Darchy (who also sends rumors to Anaheim) and Danielle Brier. Chantal Matchabe also confirmed that last night there were only three candidates left on the (virtual) pool. Everyone is talking about itHe refused, however, to confirm the identity of these persons.

Chantal was named star of the match for Richard Terrain (Le Soleil).

No, Patrick Roy is no longer in the race… According to what I’m told, candidate No. 4 – the last to be left out of this semi-real-world show – is Mark Dennis.

According to Marc de Foy, Canadiens’ new GM can be named today. Since then it must be Matteo Darci – the favourite according to de Voy axles By ducks this week, so many think Darshi won’t be Not The next GM of Canadians.

Remember that Darche could call in Guy Boucher to coach the team he would lead if he was named CEO of the NHL club.

It also appears that Marc-Andre Perrault thinks the Canadian is about to name the new GM. But he believes the organization will wait until Wednesday to announce this, as the team has matches on the schedule for today and tomorrow.

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“The organization feels it is important to make a quick decision due to the numerous media leaks and the deadline for transactions that is slowly approaching. But it does not want to do so on match day, which excludes Mondays and Tuesdays. In any case, the file is likely to be settled by Friday.” – Marc-Andre Perrault

Wednesday or Friday, because CH also plays Thursday (in Vegas)?

Note that Perreault seems to think that a surprise fourth candidate could have joined the dance recently. According to one of his sources, people may be surprised by the end of the operation.

The more I thought about it, the more Kent Hughes was called the A surprise among the three finalists. I am not one to believe in the fourth candidate at this time.

Remember that Hughes could bring Philippe Le Cavalier with him to the Canadian. Both are currently agents at Quartexx Management.

Note that Quartexx Management represents Josh Anderson and Michael Pezzetta, but neither Kent Hughes nor Philippe Le Cavalier are the latter’s agents.

Going back to the process of finding the right General Manager, I was told that the committee (Jeff Molson, Bob Gainey and Michael Andlauer) didn’t have that much power in the second round and close to the final decision. Probably Jeff Gorton the Final decision.

Since he knows Kent Hughes well and he said in his first press conference as cum hockey Canadians that he might choose an agent, I still think Hughes is the best candidate at the moment. And I did with everything I’ve been hearing for a few days

Until then, we’re waiting for the papal smoke in Montreal…

Canadian can’t really I cannot be wrong on this. Being a GM in Canada hasn’t been that difficult for a number of years, especially given the organization’s large contracts and the many restrictions related to COVID-19 in Quebec…

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stay To see how much power you’ll have, this new general manager.

Note that Donald Beauchamp does not have the same Feeling From Marc-Andre Perrault, ho. He doesn’t think a new GM will be appointed this week in the Canadiens. Because the team is on the road…

With a virtual press briefing, is it really necessary for everyone to be in Montreal to announce who the team’s new general manager is?

a lot of

– Chances of seeing Claude Giroud (UFA) to be traded by Flyers will be greater than ever.

– Chantal Matchabe believes Jeff Gorton would agree to leave plenty of space, both on the decision-making level and in front of the cameras, for the team’s future CEO. [TSLH]

Kevin Bexa has made careful comments about the possibility of Evander Kane joining the Oilers.

– Yes or no?

– hat , shabu!