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Adorable but dangerous: The zoo welcomes the world's deadliest cats

Adorable but dangerous: The zoo welcomes the world's deadliest cats

Despite looking like cute little kittens, the black-footed cat that was just welcomed to the Hogle Zoo in Utah, US, is actually considered the deadliest cat on the planet.

“She is barely 8 months old, tiny in size, but big in her fiery personality,” the zoo summarized in a Facebook post dated December 28, where Gaia’s arrival was announced.

Much to the hearts of many Facebook users in the comments, the zoo quickly alerted them that this was not a cat like the adorable balls of fur you might have at home.

In fact, the black-footed cat has earned the status of the world's deadliest cat due to one of the highest hunting success rates. He explained that he could catch more prey in one night than a tiger in six months Smithsonian Magazine.

Gaia arrived at this American zoo after the recommendation of the Black-footed Cat Federation, which has only 29 of these cats.

The zoo already has a male cat of this species among its residents. It was explained: “We will allow these two feline friends to get to know each other when Gaia reaches maturity.”

The black-footed cat lives in the arid regions of eastern Namibia, central and southern Botswana, and South Africa.

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