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Adopter le « parcours fraîcheur » à Vichy (Allier) pour faire du sport toute l

Adopt the “New Course” in Vichy (Allier) for year-round exercise

Since the dawn of history, humans have been genetically configured to walk tens of kilometers a day. But with development, localization and technological progress, this natural practice has gradually shrunk to nothing. Today, we take the car or public transportation more to get around. However, our genetic heritage is the same as it was in the Neolithic era when our ancestors, hunters and harvesters, walked all day. A shift in behavior far from “move = survive” in these prehistoric periods.

Move in the cold as well as in the heat

Ludivine Paris, a researcher at the University of Claremont Auvergne (UCA) is working on the issue of healthy physical activity. As a reminder of the importance of regular physical activity, even in this growing context of global warming, she invited Vichyssois volunteers to follow her on a fascinating cycle through the streets of the spa town. Departing from the Hall des Sources, the small group of ten volunteers headed to the garden of Napoleon III and the shady banks of the Allier. Ludivine Paris set speed at the front of the pack.

We have come out of several days of heat wave, today it is much less hot. We are already fully immersed in our daily lives for the next few years, with temperatures going from one extreme to the other in just a few days.

Once the group arrives under the trees, the scientist asks the participants, “In your opinion, is it better to walk 30 minutes on the treadmill in the gym or 30 minutes outside? A question whose answer may seem obvious, but it is important to remember. Unanimously, the walkers who follow it choose the answer.” Second.” Of course you have to focus on the great outdoors. It is necessary to take advantage of light and better air quality to fill up on vitamin D and serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Walking or exercising outside also affects well-being and anxiety. »Ludivine Paris is a researcher at Clermont-Auvergne University and Vichy Community in physical activity and health.

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Adopt common sense rules

By taking Vichyssois to the shaded parts of the city, the UCA researcher wants to show that it is entirely possible to be physically active in all weather conditions, all year round. “Walking regularly and at a reasonable pace is enough to be healthy,” said Ludivine Paris who then took the group on the shady path behind the Celestine source. By adapting your practices and your route to the weather conditions, it’s very easy to move around and get sweaty. Choose the most appropriate place, time and path and you will notice that the high temperatures, extreme cold or rain will not prevent you from doing physical activity and exercising your body. »The trees in Parc Napoleon III are an ally for those who get physically active when it’s really hot.

After the cooling course, which ended in the shadows of the buildings on rue Marechal Foch, the researcher and volunteers sat around a table at the Maison des Association to debrief from their experience in the afternoon. Moral of the story, we have to look for an excuse other than the weather to refuse to run or walk a short distance.

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Nathan Marliak
Photos: Dominic Barrat