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Above or below normal: Here's how much snow fell in Quebec in January

Above or below normal: Here's how much snow fell in Quebec in January

The large amounts of snow that fell on Quebec in the first half of January made it possible to offset that in December, and some cities even received more snow than usual.

This is especially the case for Montreal, which received 57 cm of snow in January, compared to the monthly average of 50 cm, according to an Environment Canada report published Thursday.

Trois-Rivières received 87 cm of snow compared to the normal of 59 cm and Saguenay 74 cm compared to the normal of 65 cm.

The cities of Gaspé and Kujuaq also received more snow than usual, 105 cm versus 80 cm and 38 cm versus 33 cm, respectively.

On the other hand, Mont-Joli and Quebec City received less snowfall than usual. Consequently, Mont Joli received 39 cm in January, compared to the usual 76 cm, or almost half the usual amount of snow.

Quebec, for its part, received 65 cm, compared to 72 cm normally.

Despite the amounts of snow falling greater than the monthly average, the snow cover on the ground remains less than what is usually recorded at this time of the year in most regions, while the month of January was more moderate.

Summary of snow amounts in centimeters by city:


Total for January: 57 cm

Normal monthly: 50 cm

Trois-Rivières (estimated values)

Total for January: 87 cm

Normal monthly: 59 cm

Quebec (estimated values)

Total for January: 65 cm

Normal monthly: 72 cm


Total for January: 74 cm

Normal monthly: 65 cm

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Mont Jolie

Total for January: 39 cm

Normal monthly: 76 cm


Total for January: 105cm

Normal monthly: 80 cm


Total for January: 38 cm

Normal monthly: 33 cm