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Cote Nord: Outfitters are still suffering from sanitary measures

Cote Nord: Outfitters are still suffering from sanitary measures

The 2022 season will not go down in history, according to North Shore outfitters, because the health measures implemented last year in the region still negatively affect the owners of these facilities.

Whether you’re in Tadoussac or on the Lower North Coast this year, fishermen’s response varies.

And since the beginning of the season, families who usually rent chalets for summer holidays did not exist.

According to association president Charles Benard, higher gasoline prices and inflation may explain the situation.

But the decision of public health in Cote-Noord to close the area in May 2021 is still not linked to the association of the poor, because all other areas in the county can accommodate fishermen and holidaymakers, except for Cote-Noord.

The association said the regulars did not return this year.

Part of the solution must now pass through elected municipal officials, according to the dealers. Charles Benard argued that they should become ambassadors for the region and the hinterland.

The North Shore Outfitters Association represents 55 members with economic benefits of $40 million this year. About 500 full-time jobs are associated with this economy.

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