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A woman was fired for “stealing” after eating an abandoned sandwich at the office

A woman was fired for “stealing” after eating an abandoned sandwich at the office

uThe story of a cleaning lady of Ecuadorian origin who was fired by her company for eating a sandwich shocked the UK! Gabriela Rodriguez worked at Devonshires Solicitors in London for two years until the day her company, Total Clean, a cleaning subcontractor, announced it was making her redundant.

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According to the companyGabriela Rodriguez is guilty of “theft” because she took a client's property “without authorization or reasonable cause.”

An Ecuadorian-born domestic worker is now suing the law firm she worked for. She blamed him for her dismissal.

$1.90 loss to the company

Gabriela Rodriguez is accused of consuming a sandwich, valued at $1.90, that was left after a party and was supposed to go in the trash.

Dozens of members of United Voice of the World Union gathered to show their support for the young single mother. Armed with tuna cans, packaged sandwiches, balloons and letters, they can be seen in front of law firm offices. The union representing Gabriela Rodriguez has decided to take Total Clean and Devonshires to court for unfair dismissal, saying her dismissal was “racially discriminatory”.

Currently, both companies have denied the allegations. The Devonshires say Gabriella is open to returning if Total Clean changes its mind. For its part, Total Clean says the dismissal complies with British employment law and does not wish to comment further on the matter.

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