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A waitress was fired after receiving a $10,000 tip

A waitress was fired after receiving a $10,000 tip

The waitress in Michigan, who received a massive US$10,000 ($13,500 CAD) tip, was fired days later, but the restaurant said her firing had nothing to do with the generous tip and that it was a “purely business decision.”

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The Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor in southern Michigan has fired waitress Lynsey Boyd a week after an unidentified customer left the already popular tip on her $32.43 bill, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The man, who preferred to remain anonymous, asked Lynsey Boyd to split the money among all service employees, which amounted to just over $1,100 US ($1,480 CAD) per employee.

His dismissal “had nothing to do with the tip. She received the full tip and did not pay taxes on it (the company did). “Yes, I shared the tip at the request of the guy who left it,” owners Apple Martinez and Jaime Cousins ​​wrote on Facebook.

Problems ensued

But Boyd said the problems arose a few days after she received the money.

For example, management asked him to take Sunday off for mental health reasons, media reported.

Ms Boyd then said management called her on Sunday evening and asked her to take the next day off as well.

The waitress texted the restaurant on Monday asking if the phone call was actually a notice of dismissal.

She was fired by phone the following Tuesday, WSBT-TV reported.

“For one week, I became a wonderful, hard-working employee and a wonderful mother… It could not have happened to a better person than me. Now I am unemployed, for the first time since I was 15 years old,” the main person in question wrote on Facebook.

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The direction of the restaurant is due to the affirmations of Mme Boyd, affirming that the license does not come to you with the roof or the conséquences that you are suivi, but that does not allow you to enter more in the details of the land. the job.

“I know there are a lot of people who say we let her go because of the tip, but that doesn't make sense,” Mr. Cousins ​​told WOOD-TV. Several years, and that he would not let anyone leave “without a reason.”

Mr Cousins ​​added that the decision was not taken lightly and that laying off a staff member is something the restaurant is working to avoid.

“In this case, the decision was purely professional,” he added.