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23 robberies in 3 years in the same restaurant

23 robberies in 3 years in the same restaurant

A restaurant owner from Seattle in the United States said he had “lost trust” in local authorities after he was the victim of what he believes was the 23rd break-in at his headquarters in three years.

“I have lost confidence in the city of Seattle, the police department, the city councillors, and the elected officials in the state,” he said in an interview with local radio station KTTH, while insisting on anonymity for fear. I targeted again.

The most recent break-in appears to have occurred on February 3, when surveillance cameras captured images of a man breaking a window to enter his headquarters, the New York Post reported.

His actions did not activate the restaurant's alarm system, and the crime was only reported to police when a passerby noticed the broken window.

No items were reported stolen during this incident.

It is possible that the man in question was looking for a safe and did not find it, according to the hypotheses mentioned by the police in the incident report.

The city of Seattle cut its police department budget in 2020, but increased it again last year because crimes have risen sharply since the cut.

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