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[À VOIR] The Colombian host passes out live on TV

[À VOIR] The Colombian host passes out live on TV

A famous TV presenter in Colombia fainted during a live broadcast.

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In a video filmed on March 16 that went viral on social media, Ilianis Garrido, 35, is seen protesting to his face with both hands before collapsing to the floor as a colleague intervenes.

Several studio employees rushed to the woman to help her. Ilianis Garrido was taken to the hospital after feeling unwell.

Minutes after the incident, the co-host tried to reassure viewers. He explained that his colleague suffers from “respiratory problems”.

“Everything is beautiful, Ellie is perfect,” he said, addressing the young woman’s mother, who is a fan of the show. She has to go through safety protocols and she is fine. She will call you soon.”

Maria Fernanda Romero, another flight attendant, said Elianis Garrido had not been feeling well for several days. Its condition is associated with changes in climate. She coughed before losing consciousness.

According to local media, the 35-year-old is feeling much better. However, she has not yet commented on the incident publicly.

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The broadcaster has 6.2 million followers on Instagram and 673,000 on Facebook.

Remember, 47-year-old weather presenter Alyssa Carlson Schwartz suffered a similar illness on March 18th.

The images of the Los Angeles meteorologist rolling her eyes before collapsing to the ground have been around the world.

“Thank you for all the calls, texts, and wishes! I am the best!” she wrote on her Facebook page a few hours after the event. She said she was reassured when she learned her discomfort had nothing to do with a heart problem.

Alyssa Carlson-Schwartz learned she had problems with her heart valves after suffering another illness in 2014.

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