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A short guide for a good driver in traffic

A short guide for a good driver in traffic

Simple gestures made by every driver stuck in a traffic jam can help them get better faster.

With three of the six lanes closed in the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel in Montreal, TVA Nouvelles thought it appropriate to make this little guide to good practices to adopt during traffic jams.

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1. Keep a safe distance

During traffic jams, motorists in Quebec tend to follow each other closely, notes pilot and road safety expert Bertrand Godin.

This proximity to other vehicles increases the risk of collision with another vehicle because the response time needed to avoid the other vehicle is virtually non-existent.

2. Avoid crashes and suspension

Make sure you have enough gas, or if you have an electric car, and that your battery is sufficiently charged.

Idle cars are causing more congestion as other motorists have to overtake those who are frozen on the lanes.

Bertrand Godin advises that in the event of a collision or minor collision, do not stand in the lane.

“If that happens, please, if there are no casualties and the damage is very minor, go ahead, take the next exit, and at that time you will help not block traffic,” he said.

3. Keep the rhythm

Slopes are often a source of road congestion where motorists have to stop to allow another pass.

He explains, “If we’re able to get a cadence, especially on the access ramps, have the distance to ensure we’re able to do the cloud effect, it works very well.”

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4. Don’t be lonely

“To be flexible and efficient in traffic, it’s no longer about individual speed, but teamwork,” says the expert.

If he sees that “we tend to be very individualistic in the car,” Bertrand Godin advises interacting with other motorists.

“Observing the other driver’s eyes and coordination becomes the key to success in this type of situation,” he says.

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5. Let other cars pass

When a driver wishes to enter a lane, he must be given the necessary space to do so to prevent him from coming to a complete stop.

“Leaving the car the length of the car and keeping up with the pace without having to stop, that ensures that we will collectively save time,” he says.

6. Anticipate the moves

This is an essential component of car driving, but anticipating the actions of other motorists is very important in traffic jams where reaction time is reduced due to the proximity of vehicles.

Take the time to survey your surroundings by repeatedly looking at your rearview mirror and mirrors.

7. Patience

Loss of patience often leads to impulsive gestures and sudden, dangerous movements.

“Arming yourself with patience is key on a human level,” says the leadership expert.