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After 42 years of existence, this burger will be removed from the menus

After 42 years of existence, this burger will be removed from the menus

with the years, McDonald’s It has succeeded in establishing itself as the most famous fast food restaurant in the world. The brand is present in 118 countries and is constantly revamping its list to offer more novelties to its customers, whether they are newcomers or long-time regulars. Unfortunately for this burger, the adventure is coming to an end soon, after 42 years of existence.

rest in peace

In addition to its main products, which remain on the list all year round, McDonald’s rotates its makeshift products to give its customers a new feel. All the more reason for some to walk in the door, wanting to eat something other than a Big Mac or nuggets for others. But as all good things come to an end, products end up disappearing due to lack of success. This is the case, for example, at McPlant, McDonald’s first vegan steak burger. Canceled due to lack of customersThis specialty burger will soon be joining the classics on the menu.

As CNN reported, It’s McCrip’s turn to say goodbye. However, this burger, which consists of a boneless rib-shaped ham dipped in barbecue sauce and placed on a bun, will get you one last round.

Like any farewell tour, we hope it’s not a “goodbye” but a “see you later.” Because, as our McRib fans have watched over and over, you never know when – or if – the McRib will return. McDonald’s said.

Although the burger, which launched on Kansas City menus in 1981, was canceled, McDonald’s notes that this fall product could eventually make a comeback later. For those who want to taste it, perhaps for the last time, you will have to go to the participating restaurants from October 31. McRib will be available there for a limited time. The McRib is found in Germany, Luxembourg, the United States, and Canada, and the McRib will not eventually be released in France. Burger will eventually be considered in France for a revival, if one day McDonald’s decides to back off.

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