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A shocked family: their truck was repaired for $55,000

A shocked family: their truck was repaired for $55,000

This text is a translation of an article from CTV News

“I ended up with a brick in my driveway,” said Tanya Calvo of Caring Place, a community near Brighton, Ontario.

Ms. Calvo owns a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited that has 230,000 kilometers on the clock and was recently retired.

“We were driving down the road and the car went into gear limping, “We lost all mobility in the car and it came to a complete stop,” Ms. Calvo said.

The family towed the truck to a nearby Chrysler dealer and was told the hybrid battery needed to be replaced.

“They told us we needed a new lithium battery that would cost a little over $26,000,” Ms. Calvo said.

Ms. Calvo received a quote indicating that replacing the hybrid battery, including labor, would cost $26,730.

Concerned about spending too much money, Ms. Calvo decided to go to another Chrysler dealer, where she received a completely different diagnosis.

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“They actually indicated that the fault was not in the lithium battery, but in the engine and transmission, which would cost more than $28,000 to repair,” Calvo added.

Ms. Calvo received a written estimate indicating that replacing the engine and transmission would cost $28,484, but did not specify whether both repairs would be necessary.

“If we had to do both diagnoses, it would cost us more than $55,000,” Ms. Calvo confirmed.

CTV News Toronto contacted Stellantis, Chrysler's parent company, to ask if anyone could diagnose the exact problem with Ms. Calvo's truck.

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A Stellantis spokesman said: “We have successfully determined that this vehicle's high-voltage battery, which helps manage propulsion, is operating as intended. There may have been confusion because the low-voltage battery, which powers functions such as headlights and interior lighting, Need to be replaced. Mood Limping The customer encounters a safety device, which in this case is related to a transport function to which the warranty does not apply or has expired. We will cover the cost of performing a final diagnosis and are prepared to repair the vehicle, if necessary.

Ms Calvo was told she would have to pay up to $11,467 for a new transmission, but said she had lost confidence in the car and would not undertake the repairs.

“They want to remove the car from their fleet, and I'm only left with a stone to get rid of myself,” Ms. Calvo explained.

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