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A shark bites a surfer in the face in Florida

A shark bites a surfer in the face in Florida

A man was bitten in the face by a shark while he was surfing at a Florida beach Tuesday morning, according to the New York Post.

The 38-year-old surfer from South Carolina was bitten shortly before 8 a.m. in New Smyrna Beach Bay, where most shark bites in the area occur, WESH reported.

The man was taken to Halifax Health’s trauma center and released Tuesday evening, the New York Post reported.

A veteran surfer reported that he arrived in the bay shortly after the man was bitten and saw him leaving the beach in an ambulance.

He told WISH that he learned that the shark bit the man on the right side of his face, between the ear and the eye, when he was getting off his board after riding a wave.


Aerial footage of the scene shared later in the day revealed several sharks hiding underwater near the pier.

The pier generates impressive waves and traps schools of fish that sharks love, according to WESH.

Locals and experts agree that most shark bites are the result of people mixing it up in the water with fish.

Most shark bites in Volusia County are not life-threatening. The station reported that although there have been seven shark bites in the county this year, there have been no deaths.

One thing is for sure: sharks certainly don’t stop surfers from getting in the water.