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A private school decides to appoint an artificial intelligence as the director of the institution

A private school decides to appoint an artificial intelligence as the director of the institution

An artificial intelligence has been appointed headteacher at a private school in the south of England, to ease the workload of school leaders and help them make decisions.

“Welcome to the AI ​​Headteacher’s Office! How can I help you today?”, can be seen on the UK’s Cottesmore School website, in a showcase video featuring the new Headteacher, Abigail Bailey, who has been created entirely by artificial intelligence (AI).

Since last week, the robotic woman has been introduced as the new headmistress of the private boarding school located in West Sussex, where she will work concretely as an advisor to the “humane” headmaster of Cotsmoor School, Tom Rogerson, according to the American “space” website. As reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Tuesday.

“I have been appointed to help manage and lead Cottesmore School. […] “For the sake of clarity and full disclosure, I am the principal of an AI robotics school,” she can be heard speaking in the video, which leaves little doubt about the nature of AI.

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The “chatbot” type of principal, i.e. someone with whom we can communicate in writing, was specifically designed by one of the developers to assist the principal in his tasks, but also by other teachers and teaching staff.

“Being a school principal, or a school principal, is a very lonely job. Of course we have groups of principals…but just having someone or something on hand to help […] “It’s very reassuring,” Tom Rogerson told The Telegraph, according to the BBC.

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He added to British media: “It’s nice to think that someone incredibly well-trained is there to help you make decisions.”

British media reported that the students, aged between 4 and 13, will also have access to their own version of artificial intelligence to help them with their studies.

British media said that the robotic entity will not be able to lead assemblies, make detention, or distribute homework, and the school does not plan to use it to replace teachers, according to the director.