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A powerful moment in Live from the Universe shakes viewers

A powerful moment in Live from the Universe shakes viewers

In the season premiere of En direct de l’univers, France Beaudoin hosted singer Kim Richardson, who repeatedly sang for others on the show.

And if the guest (like the viewers) spoiled powerful moments – at the peak of her voice and talent – one number in particular touched the heartstrings. Introduced as the person Kim Richardson considered to have the most beautiful female voice, Jackie Richardson, the mother of the main interested party, grabbed the microphone.

The one with more than 50 years of career behind the tie chose to give her daughter the wonderful song “If I Could,” which says, among other things, as follows:

If I could, I would protect you

Sadness in your eyes

I give you courage

In the world of settlement

Yes I will do that »

The emotion reached its peak and the love and tenderness between mother and daughter crossed the television sets to hit the hearts of the viewers.

On social media, Internet users praised the mother’s inflammatory voice.

I cried hard💖

How touching it was! “, wrote José Lavigor, like hundreds of other loyal viewers.

When Kim Richardson had to quickly leave the set to sing Juliet, her mother accompanied her in the limousine and together they mouthed some notes in a previously unpublished address that was broadcast online after the show.

See a behind-the-scenes photo of the mom from the show below.

Please note that next week, France Beaudoin His team will implement to kidnap. So we don’t know who will have the right to their musical world… nor does the person in question. Details about this here.

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