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A new public transportation program is attracting attention

A new public transportation program is attracting attention

Public transit partners in the Capital Region recently launched a new service program Targeted at people with functional limitations that attract attention.

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In fact, the success rate among participants was 91%.

This initiative aims to develop participants’ independence so that they can travel on their own within the public transportation network.

To date, 420 individuals have completed the training. The goal is to train at least 2,000 by 2025.

Our journalist, Anne-Sophie Jobin, accompanied Ludovic Lamarche Cadieux, one of the programme’s beneficiaries, on an outing.

“I feel free, I feel independent. I’m proud of myself,” he said.

Thanks to the programme, he can now go to school, work and train independently.

“The first time Ludovic came home and completed a completely independent journey, I can’t tell you the stars he saw in his eyes,” says his mother and program instigator Julie Cadieux.

“It allows him to be a full citizen, to do like everyone else, to move like everyone else, and gives him confidence in his abilities,” she adds.

Watch the explanations in the video above.

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