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A mobile digital space. O’Malley’s hotlines are full

Lorry Paquet comes once a month to Aumale (Seine-Maritime) to help people with digital difficulties.

Once a month,A mobile digital space Take up residence in O’Malley (sine maritime), Within limits A social medical center. At the wheel, we find Lori Paquet.

“This space is a project started by three administrative organizations working in Le Havre, Bays de Cox, Bays de Praia and Valle de la Presley,” she explains. Our car is our communication tool but above all it makes it possible to meet the needs in terms of digital support. “

Laurie PaquetMobile Digital Space Coordinator

Digital blocking

At every meeting, the audience is provided with laptops and digital tablets.

“We help everyone who knows the digital block. This could be how to create an email address or send one. How to create a Facebook account. We are also trained to support people in all their administrative procedures.”

Request a retirement file, tax return, or quarterly family allowance fund, the range of possibilities is very wide.

We can also welcome young people who are looking for work. We welcome people of all ages. Don’t assume everyone has a computer or internet at home. “

At Aumale, the mobile digital space is full of success in every two hours. Obviously, because Health crisisAll precautions are taken.

“I receive by appointment. It is not obligatory that you live in Oumale to take advantage of this service. In Aumale, every time, our offices are full due to not having many local services. The needs are great. There are people coming back. This is a good sign for us. That means they are.” Are satisfied. “

The next meeting is scheduled for the beginning of May.

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