A film encounter on the themes of Buffon and Indigenous Australians was screened at the Montbardo Cinema Le Fenix, Thursday 9 November, by the Buffon Museum and the Jacques Prévert Media Library. from the movies Buffon stars (2022) and Images of indigenous people (2023), directed by Cedric Cremier, historian of science. An exchange between the director, astrophysicist Aymeric Valez, and the director, teacher and researcher specializing in scientific popularization and mediation, Jean-François Tierney, made possible the discovery of the experiment by Buffon, the 18th-century naturalist.H century and author Natural history was made to date the age of the Earth, but also to consider the difficulty of living Aboriginal culture in Australia today.

“I found it very rich.”

An opportunity for the 60 viewers to be able to talk directly with the professionals who film science and ask questions about the content of the documentaries and about the production techniques of the two topics covered by Cédric Kremier. The latter is involved in the Australian Research Council-supported research project on revolutionary travel and has contributed to an edition of Buffon’s works. Sylvie Peretti, from Montbard, said: “I found it very enriching, and I really liked it, especially the informed answers given by the three speakers.” “I love Buffon and really enjoyed the pétanque experience,” said Sylvain Annelay, a young spectator from Montbard who came to a film meeting for the first time.


This is approximately the number of viewers who attended the broadcast of the two documentaries.