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A first in Canada for a Subway restaurant in Terrebonne

A first in Canada for a Subway restaurant in Terrebonne

10 months after the city of Terrebonne banned single-use items, 90% of restaurants with dining rooms have complied with the rules.

Some large fast food chains are still struggling to do the same.

However, the Subway restaurant at Galeries Terrebonne recently became the brand's first Canadian establishment to offer reusable cutlery.

“People’s acceptance is going very well, and we are proud to participate in this wonderful initiative,” says Joelle Laliberte Fillion, Subway Supervisor at Galerie Terrebonne.

“We hope others will get up there,” she adds.

The management of Galeries Terrebonne is pleased that all companies adhere to the regulations.

“Certainly, when the banners are big, it is difficult for them to stick to them. “It takes more approval and everything in terms of tableware and logos, but they succeeded,” explains Galerie Terrebonne’s general manager, Magali Arbor Roy.

The latter confirms that this new way of doing things actually has a minimal impact on merchants' budgets.

“In the long run, we will see savings. It was an initial expense of buying the dishes and everything, but if we compare it to what they got rid of, it will be a good saving on a large scale,” confirms Ms. Arbor-Roy.

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