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A father dies in a snowstorm to be with his two-year-old son

A father dies in a snowstorm to be with his two-year-old son

The father whose car got stuck in a ditch during a snowstorm died trying to get home to be with his two-year-old son.

At about 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Jacob Whaley, a 34-year-old man from Virginia, in the United States, fell into a ditch after it skidded on the road due to snowfall.

Soon after, the family reportedly notified the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office to give their location the latest contact details provided by their cell phone.

“He was trying to find a way through the woods because there was a neighborhood he could go to and walk the streets to get home,” his sister Angela Whaley told CNN.

Participants searching for the man finally found him lifeless on Tuesday evening, more than 200 yards (about 180 meters) into the woods.

“He got out of his car because he wanted to go home to be with his dogs. He had a visit from his son that was scheduled. He wanted to come home to see his dogs and son even though there was no electricity in the house,” the father’s sister said.

The local community mobilizes to try and find Jacob Wally, a gesture that brings relief to his sister.

The latter clings to the good memories she had with her, but mourns the two-year-old who lost his father.

She asks a CNN reporter, “How do you tell a two-year-old that his father will never see him again.”

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