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An outdoor space opened by students in the college center

An outdoor space opened by students in the college center

Published on May 10, 2024 by Maxime Ouellet-Legault

Photo courtesy of Mont Laurier University Center

Photo courtesy of Mont Laurier University Center

As part of a capstone project course, 7 graduate students in Accounting and Management Technologies, we chose to install an outdoor fireplace as well as eight cedar chairs on the Mont Laurier College Center campus in order to enhance student well-being.

They are Zachary Brisebois, Eloise Caron, Naomi Cote, Luca Lavoie, Charles Michaudville, Sonny Michaudville, and Tracy Roberge. They rallied to raise a record $1,719.80, to reinvest in developing this outdoor space.

The students raised this amount by preparing recipes in a bowl, while at the same time putting into practice all the management skills they had acquired from their training. A total of 243 recipes were sold in 11 weeks.

“I am very proud of my students’ commitment to the project which clearly motivated them. They exceeded the initial target and were thus able to secure three additional chairs. They respected the phases of the project and really worked as a team. Lily Bigras, the professor in charge of the End of Study Project course, commented: They leave a great legacy of their time at the College Center.”

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