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A British startup is developing a swab to test for sexually transmitted diseases

A British startup is developing a swab to test for sexually transmitted diseases

After sending it to a laboratory for testing, the results will arrive within a few days in digital form via the startup’s app.

“The specificity and accessibility of tampon-based testing could encourage more frequent screening for sexually transmitted diseases among women,” says women’s health specialist Dr. Bhubashni Govender. “This reduces some of the barriers to testing, such as clinic visits, which some may find inconvenient or inconvenient.”

As part of this service, Day will also provide personalized follow-up care, including prescribed treatments such as antibiotics and antiviral medications, as well as consultations with sexual health nurses, gynecologists and fertility specialists.

The hope is that allowing people to collect a sample confidentially from their homes will help speed up diagnosis and treatment, especially among patient groups such as… Emerging adultswho are very eager to take the traditional test.

This Daye tampon is the first in the world to test for STDs

“Although we live in a world where more than 1 million people are infected with an STD every day, rates of STD testing are chronically low post-COVID-19, and as a result, many women and people with AFAB may become infected without That they know because they have no symptoms,” says founder Valentina Milanova.

“Our STD diagnostic panel makes STD testing extremely simple, convenient and confidential. We hope our approach will end ‘social stigma’, revolutionize STD testing, and lead to a significant increase in the number of women getting tested.” This helps them protect their health and fertility in the long term.

STI’s testing service is currently only available to UK residents, although the company says it plans to eventually expand to Europe and the US.

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Daye also plans to offer HPV testing in the future, which has enabled It has already been studied In a clinical trial launched last month that will contribute to the collective effort in the field of education and long-term prevention of cervical cancer.