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A British museum curator reportedly sold 2,000 rare works on the Internet

A British museum curator reportedly sold 2,000 rare works on the Internet



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The British Museum is at the center of a scandal in the United Kingdom. One of its curators reportedly sold nearly 2,000 rare antiques on eBay. Back to this topic.

The British MuseumLondon (United Kingdom)The oldest museum in the world. Its archaeological collection attracts thousands of visitors every year, but over the years it has been looted. 2,000 pieces were sold online. The thief would have operated from the inside, an unsuspecting employee. Egg Gradel revealed the greatest Corruption of the museum. He was a Danish art dealer specializing in carved stones from Roman antiquity. on the site EbayA salesman catches his attention. His Nickname: Sultan 1966.

Corruption is rampant

One day, he recognized a stone on the site that he had already seen in a photograph. “He put a part of a camera up for sale, hours before he removed it. A jewel that appeared in the list British Museum Since 1926″He explains. It is the same stone listed in the official records. Curious, he seeks to know more about the seller. His Contact details Banks disclose identity Sultan 1966. Her Name: To fart HicksSpecialist in Mediterranean archaeology. He immediately wrote to the museum and reprimanded the curator.

Months later, the museum responded that an internal investigation found no violations. Promoted to custodian. The scandal broke last month. The director resigns. The conservative denies the allegations Licensed. He is suspected to have sold hundreds of pieces online. A police investigation is underway.

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