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75 venomous snakes seized from North Carolina residence

75 venomous snakes seized from North Carolina residence

US authorities have confiscated 75 pythons from a home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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All, or at least the vast majority, were poisonous according to the first observations of police officers.

The police discovered the man’s huge group when the cobra escaped the Negrikinka.

In North Carolina, it is legal to hold snakes, but authorities are pushing to make this illegal due to the risks.

For a few days, the Raleigh community has been on the alert to learn that cobras have been circling the city.

Fortunately, the animal was captured unharmed.

The city council is now trying to ban poisonous and dangerous snakes.

“I honestly think people are amazed that there is no law banning these animals,” said Jay Choudhury, a North Carolina senator.

Politicians are proposing a bill to ban poisonous snakes. For citizens who already own eels, they will need to register them and obtain insurance that covers liability damages of up to $1 million.

The snake owner faces more than 36 charges, mostly due to misidentification or registration of his animals.

The young man’s lawyer told CNN that his client did everything in his power to correct his mistake and cooperate with justice for the rest of the events.

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