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7 foods you should never air fry

7 foods you should never air fry

Hot air fryers have become popular in recent years due to their easy and effective use. Although you can put a variety of foods to cook in, there are certain exceptions that apply to this mini oven.

Air fryers use hot air rather than hot oil to cook food, providing a quick and healthy alternative to other types of fryers. However, be aware of some foods that should never be put inside. Here are the people you should cross off your list, depending on who you are daily Mail:


“Cooking the popcorn can be inefficient, as most deep fryers don’t reach a temperature high enough to pop the kernels,” explained an employee of the British products company, “Which?”.

Thus, the good old fashioned microwave method will be the easiest and most efficient way to cook a classic night snack.

Pasta and pasta sauces

Since pasta requires boiling water to cook it, it is impossible to overcook it.

As for the pasta sauce, you can put it in the pan, but it will quickly soil the whole pan. On the other hand, you can put leftover pasta that has already been cooked. Either way, the microwave is still the best option for cooking these foods.


It’s technically possible to cook toast in an air fryer, but it can be disappointing. The bread will get drier and crumbs will scatter all over the pan, making it more difficult to clean later. The toaster remains the most effective solution.


Like pasta, rice needs water to cook.

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“A deep fryer is not the ideal appliance for boiling or steaming — it’s best to use a slow cooker or a skillet on the stovetop,” according to Which Is Which?.

Fresh green vegetables

The problem with vegetables like lettuce, kale (or kale), and spinach is their weight. It’s so light it gets blown away, creating a real mess in your mini oven. Vegetable leaves may also burn.


Most fresh cheeses have a low melting temperature, which means they can burn quickly.

The only cheese that can be cooked in an air fryer is halloumi cheese, because it has a higher melting temperature. You can also bake frozen cheese products, such as cheese sticks.

Whole chicken

An example of a food that is too big for an air fryer is a whole chicken. Deep fryers need space to allow the hot air to circulate properly. Without this space, the chicken will be more likely to burn on the outside and raw on the inside.