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60 minute videos on twitter

60 minute videos on twitter

This is a feature that Elon Musk has been promising since he took over as head of Twitter in October.

To upload a one-hour video to Twitter, users must have first paid for their subscription to the Twitter Blue service, which retails at $8 (about CAD $11) for Android device owners, and $11 (about CAD $15) for Android device owners. for iOS device owners.

These people can visit Twitter on their computer – not the app – and the video can be up to 1080p resolution for a maximum total of 2 gigabytes (GB).

Until now, netizens could only upload a video of up to 10 minutes to the platform, in 1080p resolution of course, but with a file size limited to 512 megabytes (MB). These flags are otherwise the same if you’re not a member of the Twitter Blue service, or if you’re just posting from your smartphone.

However, the image quality may diminish, according to the Twitter support page.

We strive to maintain the highest possible video quality for all videos uploaded to our platform. »

Quote from Excerpt from Twitter support page

We may edit or adapt your original video for distribution, sharing, publication or broadcast by us and our partnersThe company added.

The latter also reserves the right Make changes to adapt video to different media, including changing the resolution and bitrate of the original content during broadcasting, depending on the speed and stability of the Internet user’s connection.

Copyright risks

In November, Twitter ran into problems with its copyright system that allowed accounts to do so Post full movies and TV series episodes With two-minute videos.

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The ability to post 60-minute videos could make it easier to publish this type of content — in full — and again challenge the company’s automated moderation systems.

It is not known at this time if Twitter intends to embed ads into videos in order to monetize them.

Twitter Blue is on a roll

Another new feature for people who subscribe to Twitter Blue: Their comments will appear in priority within Tweets. Elon Musk promised when he announced the redesign of this paid service.

Other users of the platform do not You will only see a slight preference for answers from verified Blue accounts over other answers.

The Twitter Blue redesign launched in early December, after a bumpy first attempt in November. Subscribing in particular allows for a blue tick to authenticate his account, next to his social network alias.