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5 professional tips for incorporating red into your home decor

5 professional tips for incorporating red into your home decor

A passionate color celebrated in a few days on Valentine's Day, red looks fresh and warm. It brings warmth and personality to our interior. It is a classic shade that adds cheer to our decor. In 2024, we find it at the forefront of decoration trends.

Red is a warm and energizing color, well suited for rooms where there is a lot of activity. As it stands out and attracts attention, it benefits from being used to direct the eye, being a good color for a front door for example. If you like, a feature wall would look great in your dining room, kitchen, office or playroom.

You should use red in small doses, like hot pepper in a sauce, because it is a strong color, be bold, a little, a lot or passionately, depending on your boldness!

1. Choose the appropriate red color

The trend is bright and saturated red colors: coral red, Chinese red, tomato red. The latter is one of the trendy shades in 2024.

2. Use it as an accent

In the bedroom, the bed will have a red wall. Red is also a good choice to update a metal bed or give a second life to a chest of drawers. In small doses, red makes the atmosphere warm and refreshing. The red roof also looks great.

3. Dare to include it in the kitchen

Red is an easy color to use no matter your decor style, mid-century, farmhouse or more classic. Adds dynamism. Small appliances and red cookware add life to the kitchen.

4. Put the rule of three into practice

Red accessories have a huge visual impact. A plant pot, pillow or blanket, all it takes is three red items to set the mood.

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5. Take out the paint cans

A stool, an old chest of drawers, the back of a bookcase or a baroque mirror will take on a modern look under a layer of bright red. Paint is our first ally to update furniture or accessories inexpensively. Pair it with warm neutrals, off-white or grey. Or for more decoration Hazar, Rose Sect. We can also use red to add a red element in a white environment, an armchair for example.