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4 new astronauts and an eclipse

4 new astronauts and an eclipse

If there is a place where it is impossible to predict, a month in advance, the moment when we will be able to observe a solar eclipse April 8It's the International Space Station.

However, the crew plans to photograph the eclipse and has put the event on its schedule. Obviously there will be No clouds To play corrupt sports.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon lies between the Sun and the Earth for a few minutes. Photo:

Change the orbit

The problem is that, contrary to popular belief, the exact orbit of the space station cannot be accurately predicted in advance. From time to time, the station's crew has to change its course slightly to avoid debris in orbit.

At the time, this does not lead to a significant change in trajectory, but as it accumulates from one orbit to another, it makes it difficult to predict the exact location weeks in advance.

In an interview with specialized media websiteAmerican astronaut Michael Barratt explained that the closer we get to April 8, the more it becomes possible to say accurately Where the station will be in time.

Three Americans and a Russian

There are four astronauts: three Americans (Captain Matthew Dominic, Michael Barratt, and Janet Epps) and one Russian (Alexander Grebenkin).

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