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38th Gemini Awards |  Some shots from the red carpet…

38th Gemini Awards | Some shots from the red carpet…

It’s time for meetings and celebrations in the Place des Arts hall, Sunday, early evening, a few minutes before the start of the 38th Jimmo Prize Gala, hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord. Here are some snapshots of the performers on the red carpet…

Photo by Olivier Jean, Press

Named after his key interviews with Antonin Millet and Beatrice Piccard, André Robitaille says he finds himself in front of his forefathers when he conducts his key interviews with sages from the artistic colony. He will also soon record a new interview with a character whose identity he is currently keeping quiet, which will continue to be broadcast on Radio-Canada. His lover, Julie Boisvert, collaborated with him on these projects as co-writer.

Photo by Olivier Jean, Press

Catherine Anne Tobin and Antoine Bertrand laughed when they noticed that the young journalists, on the red carpet, were completely unaware of who they were! “We have no ego!” laughed the actress and author, who proudly announced that the feature film was based on her play package It will be released on February 14. Antoine Bertrand is carefully preparing to play the main role in the next adaptation of Tales for All, Mademoiselle Butina.

Photo by Olivier Jean, Press

Evelyn Brochu was proud to be a finalist for her performance in a pet, but he was sorry that his playing partner, Levi Doré, was not chosen by his side. “I didn’t understand,” the actress and singer admitted. But we already won; We played this series, we lived it, and this was our reward. No matter what happens tonight, it’s an opportunity to come together. »

Photo by Olivier Jean, Press

Even a year after Indéfendable aired, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé was surprised by the love rating for her alter ego Marie-Anne Desjardins among viewers. “I thought the character was going to be unlikable, but what brings me back is that she’s a strong woman. People find her inspiring. His piggy personality is not off-putting, and I find it fun!”, said the actress, explaining that Mary Ann will not be at the end of her ordeal this year.

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