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2,500 people celebrate science in Presqu'île - Crozon

2,500 people celebrate science in Presqu’île – Crozon

mobile planetariumCap des Etoiles Association Circulated in all municipalities of Presqu’le during the month of October. She finished her trip in Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerch on Friday, October 21, 2022. High School of Automobile Trade, students of the Cornec and Lucie-Aubrac schools, students of Collobert College were able to admire the exhibition “Understanding Climate”, from the Institute for Development Research, at Espace Francois Mitterrand. The audience also came from all the neighboring municipalities.

Pupils of the Pont-de-Buis school admired the planetarium constellation.

scientific culture

Exhibits on “overexploited marine environments” or “global warming,” which were presented around the planetarium, demonstrated the importance of the ocean to climate and soils as carbon sinks. The organizers also wanted to highlight scientific and technical culture, by presenting workshops carried out by schools in Presqu’île and by inviting Julien Auffret, President of Les Savants fous, who presented at L’Espacenautique, in Lanvéoc, a workshop on robotics.

The last event has been cancelled

In all, more than 2,500 people took part in these fifteen events in the Presqu’île, mostly in classes in the cultural halls, or in their schools, as well as young people who came with their families to the science villages.

The party at Corrego Beach, in Crozon, was supposed to end with an astronomical observation on Tuesday, October 25, but that last event was canceled due to unfavorable weather.

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