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2023 predictions: Were the fortune tellers right?

2023 predictions: Were the fortune tellers right?

In this period of decisions and year-end reviews, Mr. Doubt and Mr. Reason (
Blogger and activist in the field of secularism and critical thinking
) Look at the fortune tellers' predictions for the year 2023. Were they right?

The fortune tellers promised the fall of the powerful, but the reality is completely different. Global elites remain entrenched, from Beijing to the United States.

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Cataclysmic prophecies about natural disasters have turned out to be just as general as those about health, with a fortuneteller predicting the imminent end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Between economic turmoil and advances in artificial intelligence, the credibility of brokers is being tested.

Psychics have even announced the deaths of political leaders, but with only three weeks left in 2023, doubts remain.

In conclusion, Mr. Doubt and Mr. Reason call for caution when dealing with prophecies and are preparing to present their own predictions for the year 2024 next January.

Happy holidays everyone, and may truth triumph over random predictions of the future!

NB:. This transcript was written using AI from the audio interview of

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