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15 foods you must eat to keep your skin tan after summer

15 foods you must eat to keep your skin tan after summer

Once you get back from vacation, it’s normal for your tan to fade as the days go by. After a month has passed, you will find that the tan has completely disappeared due to the renewal of the skin. However, there are many tips for keeping your tan for a little longer than expected and getting back to work with a tanned complexion.

  • Carrots, tomatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, mangoes, cherries or melons are summer favorite fruits and vegetables to keep your skin tan after summer, due to their high beta-carotene content.
  • To maintain a tanned complexion at the start of the school year, eating shrimp, oily fish, mussels and lobster regularly will allow you to benefit from an excellent amount of omega-3s, selenium and vitamin A.

To enjoy your tan for a few more weeks, hydration will be key. Moisturizing will pass mainly through Consumption of certain fruits and vegetablesas well as the fish that will come in addition to keeping you healthy moisturize your skin And Lengthen your tan This is thanks to its rich supply of beta-carotene.

Eat vegetables to maintain a dark complexion

If you want to enjoy your tan longer, we suggest you discover the list of vegetables that you like best, and that will save you optimum hydration for your skin and body.


To be part of a family carotenoids;Tomatoes are rich in it Lycopenewhich gives him Antioxidant properties. Tomatoes allow many recipes to be prepared, and they have different types: beef heart, elongated or even cherry. Whichever type of tomato you choose, it will have a greater effect on your tan if you eat it cooked.

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Particularly rich beta caroteneCarrot has it Antioxidant propertiesWhich can be seen in particular by its orange color. Regular consumption of carrots, cooked or raw, will give your skin a golden hue melanin production;the hormone that promotes tanning in the summer.


Although spinach is green in color, it is still rich in it carotenoids; And it allows you to maintain a great tan for several weeks. In addition to affecting your skin tone, it also affects your skin tone Moisturizing effects Make your hair shiny and resilient, even in the summer when it is tested by the sun, chlorine, or even sea water.

sweet potato

As real Source of B vitaminsSweet potatoes, in particular, help you to extend your tan during the summer Vitamin B6 of which it consists. Like many vegetables, the latter is also Rich in beta-carotenewhich will help keep you healthy and provide the hydration your skin needs to look radiant.


Beetroot is also known to stimulate the skin’s tanning process due to its properties carotenoid composition. Just like carrots, beetroot is a favorite summer food to protect your skin from possible sunburn.


Although it is customary to eat pumpkin in the fall, this vegetable belongs to the pumpkin family cucurbitsNot only does it give you a delicious taste when cooked properly. Actually, because High in beta-carotenePumpkin is also one of the vegetables that you can eat at the end of summer to help your skin tan.

Elongate your skin tone with a diet rich in fruits

And to prolong your tan, we also recommend that you do soIncrease your fruit intake Which will provide all the nutrients your skin needs to moisturize it perfectly.

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If summer rhymes with eating fruits, you can definitely turn to mangoes A large amount of beta-carotene. Although mango is particularly known to moisturize the skin, it also tends to protect the latter from free radicals, allowing it to fight premature skin aging effectively.


very rich in vitamin CCherries, like strawberries, have sunscreen effects. In addition to protecting you from the sometimes intense sun, they also help improve the quality of your skin and make your tan more radiant.


endowed B and B6 vitaminsWatermelon is an excellent natural remedy to extend your tan until the start of the school year. with her High percentage of waterWatermelon in particular contributes to hydrating your skin, as well as your body, which can be especially essential during times of a heat wave.

Pink grapefruit

Especially enhances tanning, also contains pink grapefruit beta caroteneWhich will moisturize the skin so that it can keep its tan after summer. You can have grapefruit after lunch or dinner and it will also allow you to stay hydrated and healthy.


Like carrots, apricots are food Rich in provitamin AThis will allow it to work on your tan and lengthen it after you get back from vacation. If you are a breakfast lover, we recommend adding apricots to your meal to enjoy its benefits on your skin.


Dates are generally consumed as a treat during the year, and they can be a great ally to keep your skin tanned for as long as possible. In addition to them High in beta-caroteneAnd the dates are too Rich in selenium and vitamin E. By adding dates to your diet, as a snack or snack, you will extend your tan while protecting your skin from oxidative stress.

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Cook the fish to make your skin golden

Although fruits and vegetables are the foods that must be eaten regularly to keep your skin tanning, they are different oysters It can also be Moisturizing properties on your skin. Mainly consist oftrace elementsFish is one of the foods that prepare the skin for tanning. Among your favorite fish and shellfish to keep your skin tanned, even at the start of the school year, you’ll find in particular:

  • the ShrimpWhich accelerates the process of tanning the skin and protects it from the sun’s rays thanks to its high content of selenium.
  • the oily fishLike mackerel, salmon or sardines, they are rich in omega-3 and vitamin A.
  • the Templates and the crabIt is also rich in selenium, which helps to prolong the tan by stimulating the melanocytes that produce melanin.