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USA, Hungary, Japan: Eighth and thrill for the Devils - all football

USA, Hungary, Japan: Eighth and thrill for the Devils – all football

The round of 16 was never fun for Belgium. Even though the current Devils have certainly passed every time.

Before the arrival of its golden generation, Belgium had a negative record in round 16. A win against the USSR at the end of a completely crazy game (3-4, World Cup 1986) and England (0-1, World Cup 90), Germany (2-3, World Cup 94) and Brazil ( 2-0, World Cup 2002).

But this record has been equaled with three qualifying players in three attempts over the past decade. Crowds approached by demons in their favorite shoes every time, but it’s not so easy …

World Cup 2014: Tim Howard, American Wall

This is the first major game of the gold generation in a big tournament. After nine out of nine who qualified for the group stage, it was the Americans who stood in the way of the Belgian national team in the 16th round.

A competition dominated by demons from A to Z, without finding fault. Blame it on a brilliant Tim Howard. The American goalkeeper achieves a historic performance (17 saves, a World Cup record), but in extra time, the Lukaku-de Bruyne pair ends up cracking. In the last seconds of regulation time the Americans came even closer to capture. Qualifying for the band at Wilmots (2-1) and the Pew of Relief, which will be eliminated by Argentina in the next round.

Euro 2016 has left many fond memories for Devils supporters. Entered defeat against Italy and missed the quarterfinals against Wales. Still, between the two of them, Eden had time to feast. With four assists, Brynois finished with the best pass of the tournament with Welshman Aaron Ramsay.

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He gave his best score undoubtedly against Hungary. Two minutes later, before going there with his right foot to score the third goal, the captain made the difference by delivering the caviar to Michi Patsuoi. At the start of the match Toby Alderweild and Yannick Karasco scored the other two goals that allowed Belgium to beat Hungary (4-0) for the most part.

2018 World Cup: Incredible comeback

This looks like a formality for the Devils, who excelled in the Belgium-Japan first round. But nothing will be quiet for the Belgians in Rostov. Upon returning from the locker room, the blue samurai showers Belgium via Harakushi and Inui. The Devils are almost on the ball, but Roberto Martinez brings in Nasser Chadley and Marouane Fellaini and the magic runs.

John Vertonghen closed a gap with an impossible and accidental title, and it was Marouane Fellaini who used an excellent service to equalize Iran from danger. The result was a ball counter-attack by Thibaut Courtois in the 94th minute and a lightning counter-attack that entered the legend of Belgian football. With Nasser Chatley, the other is transformed into the national hero.