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10 Surprising Facts About Massage You Might Not Know

Massage is currently an in demand procedure that helps to relax and unwind. It has a positive effect on the general well-being of a person, which restores strength and improves mood. That is something that absolutely everyone likes! Even small children and the elderly who need delicate care. Massage has been used for centuries as an effective method of treating and restoring the health of the patient. So much attention is paid to this area in modern medicine. This is not only an extremely pleasant procedure, but also a way of healing and rejuvenating the body, which is used by doctors, sports coaches, cosmetologists, and nutritionists around the world. Despite this, some people take massages lightly and do not think about its effectiveness.

    1. Massage is the source of happiness

Scientists have proven a pattern – after a massage, everyone has an increased level of the “hormone of happiness” – endorphin. This hormone helps to cope with stress, reduces pain, reduces anxiety and anxiety. Massage is safely used for the purpose of psychological and mental correction. The concept of happiness is greatly underestimated in the world, while in the UAE back in 2016 a real Ministry of Happiness was created. This also explains why there are so many high-end luxury spas in the country and why, for example, Abu Dhabi massage is such a popular term: after all, this emirate has an incredibly high concentration of luxury spas.

    2. The history of massage begins before our era

One of the ancient sources is the Chinese book of kung fu, which contains not only wrestling techniques, but also methods of treating dislocations and muscle spasms with massage. For many millennia, the knowledge and skills of massage techniques were stored and transmitted exclusively by clergy.

    3. Variety of techniques

More than eighty massage techniques are widespread in the world, which differ from each other in movements, intensity, duration, and direction of exposure. Each client can choose the technique that suits him the most.

    4. Massage is comparable to a full 8-hour sleep

Scientists studied athletes who received massage therapy after training and came to this result. They came to the conclusion that an hour of massage is equivalent to eight hours of sleep. It is important to note that while massage can help, it cannot totally substitute for a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is also crucial.

    5. Ancient massage

The first massages were performed using special clay. Scientists have found mention of this fact on an ancient manuscript that described medical problems and methods of their treatment. One of the most effective and useful in it was massage.

    6. Massage is good for children’s development

All pediatricians, without exception, agree that children’s massage is simply necessary for the proper development and formation of motor skills. Massage accelerates child development. With its help, you can reduce the severity of muscle hypertonicity, strengthen the muscle corset. Babies who are massaged regularly during their first year of life begin to sit, crawl and walk earlier. In addition, massage helps to form new neural connections and accelerate the blood supply to the brain, so it is used for hyperactivity, mental and speech delays, and fatigue.

    7. Massage can speed up hair growth

It is also well known that massage enhances blood circulation throughout the body, which promotes hair development. As a result, go to massage sessions if you really want your hair to grow more quickly.

    8. Massage can heal scars

Some massage techniques can lessen or make more malleable scar tissue that has been left behind around previous lesions as well as restrict scarring from new lesions. By massaging the scar, you provide blood flow to the affected area. It helps to break up unwanted tissue, increase skin elasticity, and relieve pain, itching and hypersensitivity. By massaging the scar, you provide blood flow to the affected area. It helps to break up undesirably formed tissue, increase skin elasticity, and relieve pain, itching and hypersensitivity. But remember: you can’t massage fresh scars (those that are less than six months old).

    9. Blood pressure

The speed and depth of movements of the massage therapist can affect pressure, pulse rate, as well as the overall tone of the body. calm, slow movements relax, soothe, lower the heart rate, strong, intense, rhythmic – tone up, speed up the pulse, increase blood pressure.

    10. Veterinarians also took massage into circulation

Australian scientists conducted a farm experiment with piglets. Regular massage of the back of small pigs accelerates the growth of animals by 35%.