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Would you like to spend the night with wolves and bears?

Would you like to spend the night with wolves and bears?

This week in his What to Do on the Weekend column, tourism expert François Trepanier suggests we go and sleep with the wolves and bears.

“It’s a new concept for Omega Park“, explains the columnist. It is truly an immersion in wolves and bears.

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Bears usually hibernate at this time of year, but Mr Trepanier says he was “lucky” during his overnight stay at Parc Omega.

He says with a smile on his face: “We arrived and were greeted at our window here by a bear and a wolf who welcomed us.”

Several units can accommodate 4 to 6 people Available for people who want to swim in nature during an unforgettable weekend in Montebello in the Outaouais.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” says Mr. Trepanier. A place to discover.”

“It’s a Christmas gift that people can buy for their family or for yourself just to treat yourself and come and have a good time here,” he adds.

In addition to the accommodations, visitors have access to the Parc Omega site, which is open year-round. This is a 12 km distance that people can drive to see and get up close to the animals.

“I recommend it, it’s a must-do activity this winter,” says the travel columnist.

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