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Advent calendar – for or against remote work: Employees unpack their bags on December 2

Advent calendar – for or against remote work: Employees unpack their bags on December 2

(Illustration: Charles DeGrossiller and 123RF)

Tired of endless meetings on Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Do you hate working remotely and dream of a screen-free holiday season? Did hybrid mode cost you three chargers, two pairs of headphones, and a piece of your mind? Or, conversely, your manager, nostalgic for the pre-pandemic era, asks you to work face-to-face?

Throughout the fall semester, we gave the floor to business managers so they could share their policies as part of our For or Against Remote Work series. In December, it’s up to the staff!

Unpack your bag anonymously…and finally tell us everything you’re really thinking about face-to-face, hybrid mode, or 100% remote work.

And find a dessert quote every day in our advent calendar.

December 2

“With remote working, it is not guaranteed that the mental and physical health of employees will be as good as it was before, nor indeed is it all about developing a sense of belonging, social need and informal relationships between employees (especially new employees). Hybrid mode is a good formula, however, I would have preferred the employer to adopt the formula of 3 days face-to-face and 2 days telework, rather than the current formula of 2 face-to-face and 3 days telework. With 3 days in person, it really allows you to meet everyone in the office. In my opinion, two days of remote work are more than enough to create very significant flexibility, while maintaining a dynamic work environment in the office (rather than a depressing desert).”

– More than 500 employees in the public administration

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1any December

“I love working remotely, and I’m happy to come into the office twice a month to see my colleagues, but working from home only has advantages: less travel (less greenhouse gases) and time loss (1 hour and 30 minutes of transportation in my case), no lunch preparation, no need to To wear formal clothes (which represents an additional cost), and the possibility of doing household chores during breaks, thus saving time in the evenings and weekends, thus improving the time we spend with family/couple. We feel more comfortable in our working day, because we wake up later We were less stressed when going to the office… In short, only positive points!
— An employee in the finance sector in a company with more than 500 employees

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