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Windows 11 and KB5030310, How to fix bugs in AMD graphics drivers?

Windows 11 and KB5030310, How to fix bugs in AMD graphics drivers?

Microsoft has been offering Optional Windows Update KB5030310 for several days. It is also known as Moment 4. It deploys many new features but also comes with problems. For example, it affects Copilot, Virtual Desktop, and File Explorer.

In a recent news article devoted to this case (Windows 11 and KB5030310, many problems appear) We also know that we are referring to a problem with the AMD graphics drivers, which is Adrenaline Program 23.9.3.

Many of you have reported this failure to us. It comes down to stability concerns after modifications to improve the “in-game” experience. Unfortunately, crashes do occur after installing KB5030310 and this is not an isolated GPU tuning incident.

Many players reported that the game stopped working accompanied by a loud sound, especially when using headphones. In some cases an error message appears ” The default performance tuning settings were restored due to an unexpected system failure. “. The failure causes the performance profile to revert to defaults after each system reboot. This is strange considering that reports indicate that the failure amounts to deleting parameters set by the graphics card manufacturer itself.

Windows 11 updates KB5030310 and AMD graphics drivers

There is no shortage of discussions listing several ways to try to solve the problem without success. on Feedback Center It has been listed

  • Remove AMD graphics drivers,
  • Remove AMD chipset drivers,
  • Uninstall certain applications such as Ryzen Master, Afterburner, and Riva Tunner.

Some steps require disconnecting from the Internet during reinstallations to prevent Windows from interfering with the process, while others require a BIOS reset. Again, this doesn’t seem to work.

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One solution is to return to the system restore point a few days before installing Moment 4. Finally, in the AMD community forum, the user can She suggests To disable Copilot, which appears to be interfering with the AMD software. If you want to test this solution, you must use the ViveTool utility on the command line. Here is the command to execute

./vivetool /disable /id:44774629,44776738,44850061,42105254,41655236

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