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Win the French “Zero Waste” and “Natural Beauty” collection

Win the French “Zero Waste” and “Natural Beauty” collection

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising your lifestyle? A place to find real products Environmental and sustainable ? here ECODELO.FRThe eco-friendly online store for all your eco-friendly needs.

Created in April 2023 by ELO, my brand ECODELO only chooses 100% eco-friendly French brands To help you reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting our planet. From a reusable cotton swab to a washable sponge to an erasable notebook, there’s everything you need to replace your everyday disposable items with healthy, environmentally friendly alternatives.

She regularly communicates on Instagram under the name to raise awareness through humor about “Consume without pollution“.

For the win: a “natural beauty” collection of 8 French and zero-waste products

In this game, ECODELO offers the possibility of one person winning a prize of 8 nuggets Environmentally responsible Valued at 102 euros.

This set consists of 4 natural products and 4 sustainable accessories for a plastic-free, zero-waste bathroom:

– Washable pink shower flower;

– ENDRO “Good Glow” face cream;

– ENDRO deodorant for sensitive skin;

– A set of reusable cotton buds in a bamboo box;

– Toothbrush with interchangeable head;

– SISILAPAILLETTE “BEST SELLING” 6-Piece Biodegradable Glitter Set;

– Cold soap with lemon and bergamot;

– Magnetic soap dish

*My plastic-free bathroom*

how to play ?

To try your luck and win the prize offered by ECODELO, fill out the form below.

Always good luck to everyone!

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