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3dverse and Gaming Campus are teaming up to offer real-time 3D training

3dverse and Gaming Campus are teaming up to offer real-time 3D training

150 students and 12 interdisciplinary 3D projects

This is a unique collaboration for our students: we will train more than 150 of them in real-time 3D and have them work on projects whose briefs have been produced by real clients.“Explains Valery Dmitrovich, co-founder of Gaming Campus. From the end of November 2023 and for 3 months, students from the three schools of the Gaming Campus (G. Business, G. Tech and G. Art) are working simultaneously on 12 projects. Summaries of these are produced Projects are developed by partner clients and respond to real issues. For example, students from the Gaming Campus are using 3D technologies to implement innovative projects for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, La Grotte de Chauvet, and Visiativ. They will work closely to Introducing their products to customer partners on February 15, 2024.The expected technical level is very high. Gaming Campus is the only video game school that offers this type of project to its students“, confirms Valery Dmitrovich.

3dverse, the pioneer of the new era of real-time 3D technology

3dverse is a real-time collaborative 3D rendering platform. It uses the power of the cloud To democratize access to high-quality 3D applications. For users, there is no barrier to entry (cost, technical knowledge, energy). Everyone has the same 3D experience regardless of the web browser or type of device they use (tablet, mobile phone, PC, etc.). “This hardware independence is the reason why students from all majors, whether G Tech, G Business or G Arts, can easily work with 3dverse. This approach ensures universal accessibility, eliminating limitations related to computers. Furthermore it, It facilitates real-time sharing of projects With stakeholders outside of school who do not necessarily have access to traditional toolsexplains Pierre-Adrien Forestier, co-founder of 3dverse. 3dverse reduces production times and operating costs » Adds Sylvain Orduro, co-founder of 3dverse.

Orientation exhibitions are not to be missed!

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We invite you to Studyrama trade fairs dedicated to training and digital careers to find the training of your dreams! You will meet experts and professionals as well as young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover many existing professions (developer, data scientist, computer engineer, process integrator, etc.) and to ask your questions during conferences.

Training students in new 3D professions, other than video games

3D programmer, 3D designer, 3D animator, 3D modeler: professions related to 3D technology are multiplying. The areas of application of these experts in the field of 3D are no longer limited to the video game sector. 3D technology has expanded its scope beyond entertainment. In the field of medicine, for example 3D visualization is used to model organs and tissuesWhich helps surgeons plan complex operations. In architecture, 3D modeling allows you to create more realistic renderings of buildings and projects. The school programs at Gaming Campus are designed in collaboration with companies. It is reviewed several times a year in order Take into account technological developments and business needs. Valery Dmitrovich, co-founder of Gaming Campus, attests: “The explosion in 3D needs of our partner companies has encouraged us to think about specific software, both from a technical standpoint and in terms of graphics creation or management. In addition, 3D technologies are developing rapidly, It is very rewarding for our students’ employability to be able to master it as soon as possible. This partnership with 3dverse allows us to launch 3D projects this year, which in this sense is excellent news for our students.“.

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