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Will this mobile chip tempt you to communicate with artificial intelligence?

Will this mobile chip tempt you to communicate with artificial intelligence?

It is the first wearable device and software platform designed to harness the full power of artificial intelligence (AI). Ai Pin represents a new departure for consumer personal technology, giving users the ability to take AI with them anywhere in an entirely new, conversational, screen-free format.

The Ai Pin will be available to order in the US starting November 16, with pricing starting at US$699 for the full system ($970 CAD).

Audio interface

Ai Pin redefines how we interact with AI. Speak to it naturally, use the intuitive touchpad, hold objects in the air, use gestures or interact via lasers projected onto your palm. The unique screen-free user interface is designed to blend in, seamlessly bringing the power of AI to you.

Pocket AI that knows how to listen

Lay between It fits easily into your daily routine and enhances your interactions with the world around you.

Designed to handle simple and complex matters, its microphone quickly searches, finds what you’re looking for, and puts it in context. AI-powered messaging can write messages in your tone of voice, instead Follow me Cuts out the noise in your inbox.

The device is only activated when the user interacts and does not use ‘wake words’, ensuring they are not constantly listening or recording. The Ai Pin has a trust light that indicates whether the sensors are active, and is managed by a privacy protection chip.

Among a growing list of capabilities, Ai Pin can also act as a foreign language interpreter and support your nutritional goals by identifying foods using computer vision.

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Cosmos: The all-new operating system for the mobile AI era

The system, called Cosmos, runs itself. For example, it eliminates the need to download, manage, or launch applications. Instead, it quickly understands what you need and instantly connects you to the right AI service.

Will this mobile chip tempt you to communicate with artificial intelligence?

Human artificial intelligence

Removable battery and Snapdragon AI power

In a mini-computer with a small battery, a second removable battery is provided to increase the autonomy of the entire device. Three colors to choose from: eclipse, equinox, and lunar.

Despite its small size, Ai Pin is a hub for new technologies. It’s powered by a Snapdragon®TM processor with a dedicated Qualcomm® AI Engine, enabling the fast and reliable performance needed for AI interactions. The Ai Pin is equipped with a camera, depth sensor, and motion sensors, allowing the device to see the world the way you see it. The unique, custom-made speaker creates a sound bubble, providing privacy and volume as needed, while the Ai Pin can also pair with headphones via Bluetooth.

With Microsoft and OpenAI

Humane’s unique collaboration with Microsoft and OpenAI enables the Ai Pin system to access some of the most powerful AI models and platforms in the world. To provide wireless service for Ai Pin, Humane launches its own virtual mobile carrier (such as Fido or Fizz) connected to its exclusive US partner, T-Mobile.

To see the video presentation of this wonderful device that works with artificial intelligence technology, visit the X website (Twitter) (English)

Subscription plan

The smart device includes two removable batteries, a charging pad, a charging case, a cable and an adapter. For $24 per month, a Humane subscription includes a dedicated cell phone number and unlimited talk, text, and data. This subscription also includes cloud storage and full access to Humane’s growing suite of AI-based services, with no limits to the number of queries you can ask.

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By two of Apple’s founders

The two founders Amnesty International Humanitarian Well known. Imran Chaudhry is a designer, inventor and innovator. He spent more than 20 years at Apple imagining and creating some of the world’s most beloved consumer products, including the Macintosh, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone.

For her part, Bethany Bongiorno has led the teams behind some of Apple’s most revolutionary products. As Director of Software Engineering, she was responsible for managing all software projects for iOS and macOS and also played a key role in implementing important projects such as the launch of the original iPad.